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The 93% Club

The 93% Club is the UK’s least exclusive members club. 

It is a non-profit organisation that strives to support the 93% of students who went to state schools to access top universities in the UK. 

The 93% Club were running an event called the Social Mobility Factory and they wanted me to do my multimedia thing - film and produce an event video, take photos during the day , and provide headshots of 150 attendees.

The organisation runs several events throughout the year, one of which is the Social Mobility Factory. As a multimedia professional, I was contracted to film and produce an event video, take photographs of the event, and take headshots of the attendees for them to use on LinkedIn and for their professional resumés. 


The Social Mobility Factory was a whirlwind. A complex event with hundreds of attendees and multiple sessions taking place at the same time. The event was held at The Steel Yard in London, a large venue with various rooms, which made it challenging to capture the essence of the event in a cohesive manner.


Moreover, there was a limited budget, which meant that we had to work efficiently to produce high-quality content within the given time frame.


To tackle the challenges, I put together a team (hi Jamie and Thom!), and we got underway with prepping for the day. We spent hours in the studio working out the best lighting and camera set up to be able to turn around so many high-quality professional headshots in a short period of time.


I worked with the event organisers to create a shot list and a timeline for the day. This helped us to organise the filming and photography sessions in an efficient manner, making the most out of the limited time we had. We also utilised the venue lighting to capture the ambiance of the event.


I captured footage of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops, ensuring that I focused on the most engaging and impactful moments. The headshots of attendees were taken in a separate room with professional lighting to ensure the highest quality possible.


The end result was a 2-minute event video, provided in under a week after the event took place. It captured the essence of the Social Mobility Factory and showcased the energy and passion of both the 93% Club and the attendees.


The video featured some great footage of the main stage, short interviews with attendees, as well as footage of the workshops, networking, and activities taking place.

In addition, we produced a collection of high-quality images that captured the different aspects of the event, including the venue, speakers, and attendees. These images will be used on The 93% Club's website and social media platforms to promote the organisation and its events.

The headshots are provided to the attendees to use on their LinkedIn accounts and resumés, ensuring that they have a professional photograph of themselves to use when contacting potential employers. 


Working with The 93% Club was a pleasure. We were able to deliver high-quality content that met their requirements and portrayed the event in the best possible light.


The project demonstrated the importance of planning and communication in producing great content within a limited budget and time frame.


I'm proud to have been part of the team that made it happen.

Check out the event video below, along with a selection of photography from the event and headshots

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