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I’ve spent many years working both in-house and freelance as a designer.


But you know I always wanted to pretend I was an architect.  I could design railroads.

Other things I don’t do include technical drawing, explaining to your intern how to use InDesign, or writing all the copy for your website for free.

I do the things you actually need, like designing brochures, web banners, and business cards.  I will actually teach your intern how to use InDesign if you really want, it’s not that hard.

If you need something a bit more in depth, like website design, then we need to meet up and put together a project plan.  You need it building from scratch and hosting too (who said that?) then I’ve got it covered.

I charge reasonable hourly rates for everything.  I don’t add in limited amounts of amendments, and I work alongside you to make sure you’re happy.  If you want to pay £50k for a website that you’re sort of happy with, I guess I can do that too, but that’s what agencies are for.

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