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I’ve got a camera...

and I know how to use it. I’ve got 3 actually (woah!). 

Generally I do things like event photography, product shots, or close ups of your dinner.  I can also come to where you work and take pictures of all your employees.  One ‘serious’ and one ‘fun’ right? For the website. To show people how interesting you are to work with.

Everyone loves a video.


You can watch them on the train and everything.  

You could make one that's 90 seconds long so people will actually watch the whole thing, or even just 60 seconds so you can put them on Instagram.  You can make yours 17 minutes if you must, but you really shouldn’t unless David Lynch is directing it.

Making promo videos is usually a really expensive way of promoting yourself, but there are ways around that (like, I don’t know… not making it too long for a start).


If you’re looking for a more creative video solution than paying an agency £90,000 which they’ll probably just spend on sandwiches, then we should talk.

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