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Returning to work during COVID-19

I’ve recently had the pleasure of producing a series of videos for a client, who were keen to let their team know about the measures that are in place at the office to ensure a general sense of safety around COVID-19.

They were of course concerned about their employees, and wanted to primarily ensure their mental health was taken care of, and that any concerns around social distancing were alleviated.

A series of videos were devised, including interviews with staff who had already been to to the office, so colleagues could hear from them and understand what their experiences had been. This would give an opportunity for colleagues to hear first hand what the office environment was like, directly from the people they would be sharing a space with.

Also, senior members of staff agreed to recorded a piece to camera to discuss what is taking place within their department, and how they have found the return to work.

Of course, this posed something of a problem. Wanting to maintain the government’s social distancing measures was paramount (the videos were recorded prior to the easing of lockdown). So, all the content was recorded using Zoom, and then edited seamlessly to create either a monologue piece to camera, or a traditional interview cutting from interviewer to interviewee.

It would be great to share these videos with you here, but of course they are for internal marketing purposes only. However, it got me thinking, what are other companies doing to ease their employees return to the office, and should they be taking a leaf out of my client’s book?

Let me know what you’ve been doing using the form on my home page or just drop me an email, I’d love to hear how your internal communications measure up!

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